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No stranger to abductions and abuse: Itai Dzamara & colleague in police truck

Bring Back Itai Dzamara: 20days on……

The abduction of Itai Dzamara and subsequent mystery surrounding his whereabouts has brought me to a point where I am questioning our values as a society. I have been wondering and reflecting on whether we truly understand the meaning of the sanctity of life. I have been especially disturbed by the flippant manner in which ordinary Zimbabweans speak of his possible murder. Such is the callousness and desensitisation that our national psyche has succumbed to. We no longer care, the abnormal has become the normal. You look around for outraged citizens, who could well be the victims of abduction tomorrow and most are shrugging nonchalantly or speculating wildly on theories such as a “staged abduction for political mileage”. This is when you realise that the economy is not the greatest victim of the brutal, mafia-like politics of ZANU Pf. Our humanity as a nation has been the greatest casualty. The continuous and persistent onslaught on our values, our self-esteem, our national pride and our hope has resulted in a people that display a collectively seared conscience. It is seen in the way we rob each other blind in business, the way we take loans with no intention of paying them back and even the way we aggressively accumulate material things for our personal use with little or no regard for community or national development.

The fact that we all need to wake up to is that life is sacred. It is precious and cannot be bought, exchanged or performed a ritual for. One cannot bring a loved one back to life when they die, no matter how much you loved them. Even if barrels of tears are shed, when that breath has left the human body, no one, not even a specialist surgeon can restore it. Only God the Creator is the giver of life, He alone breathes life into man. Once God has breathed that life we are in awe of it, as when we hear the cry of a new born child. Life is a marvel and a mystery. We therefore cannot afford to be careless with it, ever.
It doesn’t just end at the mystery of the birth. It is also a wonder that there are no two exact same people in the world. People are different, not just as shown by their fingerprints but even in physical appearance, personality , intellect and purpose. Zimbabweans should fully grasp that every person that ever gets born in this country is a unique God-created individual with a purpose and a reason for having come into this earth as a Zimbabwean. We were all born to contribute something, to help build this nation into the powerhouse that it can be. Every single person’s role has equal importance because in whatever way, they are contributing to the success of the nation as a whole. Some were born to contribute in politics or in ministry or engineering. We are part of the same, as enunciated by the concept of Ubuntu, we are because everybody else is. There is no lesser and no greater.

This is why we must put a stop to the madness that is abduction or killing for political expediency or to protect ones interests. How many future leaders are now afraid to contribute to the national debate? How many have been silenced that could have solved our energy crisis? When other nationalities work together like the Jews for their entire race to prosper, why do we display such elements of barbarism and backwardness? How do we have some young ZANU Pf leaders and supporters remaining quiet in the face of such injustice? We need to get to a place where we have collective values as Zimbabweans. Where we restore Godliness in the nation and respect and love one another.

The world is not a friendly place. Every corner is fighting for its own people, for supremacy, power and the prosperity of its citizens. Why are we then fighting each other? I concede this is worse in recent history, our values have been zanufied. We are now loud, selfish and greedy. We need a new moral compass, that of Ubuntu and a fear of God. We need to celebrate true heroes, the selfless and those that truly sacrificed for the greater good. We need to embrace goodness and make it something worth aspiring to. We cannot continue like this, we need standards of values, we need to be ethical and morally sound. I believe that it is not too late.

My sincere prayer is that Itai Dzamara is found alive. When that happens; I hope we all come together as Zimbabweans, to celebrate the safe return of one of our own. Itai Dzamara is a citizen with the right to air his views just like anyone else. I also pray that those playing god will realise that they are mere mortals; that because they cannot create or give life, therefore they also do not have the right to take it. I pray for sanity to be restored to this nation. I pray for love to reign. I pray for Zimbabwe to prosper.

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