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Broken down Zambian coach perches on Second Street for days

A broken down Zambian registered long distance coach has been perched in the middle of one of Harare’s CBD access roads, Second Street for more than three days, creating an accident hotspot and blocking a whole lane just opposite the South African High Commission.

In a culture now prevalent in the capital city where broken down vehicles are either abandoned or fixed in the middle of the road, the coach has its rear exile wide opened indicating mechanical repair work is being carried out  in the road. It clearly appears the Zimbabwe Republic Police and Harare City Council have become bewildered to police and deter such culture making irresponsible drivers put the lives of the public in grave danger.

Approaching the demised vehicle, our crew noted that it was travelling without valid fitness and insurance certificates, further widening the spectrum of public exposed to risk. the bus crew could be seen doing their laundry and cooking, looking very relaxed and unrushed.

Efforts to get comment from City of Harare, ZRP or Roadport where the coach ranks were all fruitless and they all had no clue who must be responsible for dealing with such matter.



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