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Buhari to evacuate Nigerians

Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari has responded to the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa. Buhari said there will be transport sent to South Africa for the deportation of Nigerians from South Africa.

In a tweet Buhari said Nigerians will not retaliate and Nigeria will make sure that no South Africans will be attacked nor their property is vandalized.

“Let me also say that we have made arrangements for the immediate voluntary evacuation of all Nigerians in South Africa who are willing to return home. I have directed the relevant agencies to ensure this is done speedily and effectively,” said Buhari.

“On our own part let me reiterate that the Nigerian Government will continue to do everything possible to ensure the safety of the lives, property and business interests of Nigerians in South Africa and of South Africans in Nigeria,” Buhari said.

Of late South Africa has been swept by Afro phobia attacks whereby foreign lives have been lost in the country. South Africans claimed that Nigerians are selling drugs to young children and also leading them into prostitution.

South Africa opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters Commander in Chief Julius Malema has condemned xenophobia in South Africa and urged South Africans to report crime to the police than taking matters into their hands.

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