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Busstop TV extends gratitude to Zimbabweans

Bustop TV crew extends gratitude to Zimbabweans who showed love to Samantha Kureya aka Gonyeti who was abducted by the alleged Zanu Pf members.

In a statement Busstop TV team said they are grateful to partners, associates and supporters who stood by them and who are still working with them to ensure that they obtain justice.

“We would like to take this favourable opportunity to thank you all our colleagues, friends and family who stood by us during a storm that proved not to affect us only but all our dear ones. We felt and saw all your concerns about Gonyeti and the Busstop TV team. We also saw all your posts, tweets and retweets which strengthened us,”

“A resounding thank you to MISA Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Counselling Services Unit, Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum ,Magamba Network, Hivos Southern Africa,”

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