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Rufaro Mufundirwa

Marange, a rich land with the poorest inhabitants

Rufaro Mufundirwa For decades, Marange has been known for nothing else save for poverty until some years ago when the greatest and most spectacular find of the century was made in that area. Expectations were high that the discovery of diamonds in Marange would revolutionize first foremost, the livelihood of the residents of that arid land. The cake was just ...

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Decentralization of justice delivery system commendable

Story by Rufaro Mufundirwa The opening of a permanent High Court in Zimbabwe’s oldest city of Masvingo by the Judiciary Service Commission (JSC) is a long overdue move, which is nevertheless creditable. The High Court was opened last week, making it the first post-independence superior court in Zimbabwe. The last time such a court was opened was in 1894, 122 ...

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Inept state: Public pay the price of incompetence

Rufaro Mufundirwa It is unfortunate that the ordinary citizens bear the brunt of every bungling made in this country. The rampant corruption in this country is having a bearing on the poor citizens. Let us look at Zesa Holdings for instance. After wasting public funds in profligacy, they want to resort to hiking electricity tariffs. This hike will increase the ...

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