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Chamisa blast Mnangagwa’s 100 days

The acting  president of Movement for Democratic Change  Advocate Nelson Chamisa  held a press conference today at the MDC headquarters in Harare.

In the press conferences Chamisa  brought to light his views of the first 100 days of the current president E.D Mnangagwa in the office.

“The hundred days have been a hundred days of disappointment, hundred days of misses, hundred days of underperformance, and a hundred days of failure to deliver in terms of expectations of the people, the end of the Mugabe regime in our view was supposed to be an end of corruption, an end to marginalisation, there has been failure to miss interpret the constitution, there was no plan for the hundred days other than the plans that have been articulated to ministries.”

Advocate Chamisa  said that the first taste of failure by the president Emmerson Mnangagwa was failing to be inclusive as to create a transnational mechanism that would to usher  in a new dispensation, and he pointed out that the president was not the right person.

He highlighted that human rights have deteriorated as seen by the loss of lives on account of police brutality in the first hundred days of the current president.

The other people that where present included the co-vice president for the party Eng. Mudzuri, the secretary general Mr  Mwonzora and some of the top executive members of the party.



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