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Chamisa calls for dialogue


Opposition party (MDC-A)President, Nelson Chamisa calls for an urgent dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa on finding solutions for the painful economic crisis.

He said this today on his twitter account. Asked by one of his followers why he did it on twitter and not in person he said, he wrote the President of Zimbabwe letters before and after elections but he did not get any reply.

“I’ve met with many of our worsening situation and unbearable suffering. The back to school burden, high prices, non-performing economy, joblessness and worthless salaries bring sorrow. On this, I call upon my bro E.D to urgent dialogue to solve our and economics or it gets worse,” said Chamisa.

He was also asked why he rejected the position he was offered by government as the  leader of opposition in parliament last year but Chamisa said that it is not all about individual positions.

He added:

“I am not interested in any position but my concern is about the well-being of Zimbabweans through a political solution focusing on the key economic and political reforms. Also the country is effectively shut down when one spends 24 hours in queues. We cannot shut it down when it already shut,” he said.





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