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Chamisa mocks Zim economic crisis

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has urged Zimbabweans to be competitive on the world market as media companies are generating a lot of income in other countries while Zimbabwe is succumbing to the ravages of economic decay.

Chamisa commented Jon Erlichman’s tweet which showed how much money is generated by companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix per hour.

Revenue generated each hour: Amazon: $31.7 million per hour Apple: $28.9 million per hour Google: $18.3 million per hour Microsoft: $14.9 million per hour Disney: $8.7 million per hour Facebook: $7.9 million per hour Netflix: $2.4 million per hour,” tweeted Erlichman.

Chamisa twitted, “Fellow Zimbabweans take a look at those companies’ revenue generated per hour. We must wake up because the world is on a fast lane!”

Chamisa aimed at blaming Zanu PF for the economic hardships in the country and urging Zimbabweans to vote wisely in the coming 2023 elections thus voting MDC-A.

However, Chamisa’s followers accuse him of ‘bringing a knife to a gun fight’ as they say he is busy selling his ideas to the people who already want Zanu PF out but not to the higher percentage of citizens in the rural areas that voted Zanu PF.

“…Free advice; sell your ideas to the 62% in the rural areas. You are busy preaching to the converted,” tweeted Nyasha Chipoka, an MDC-A supporter, in response to Chamisa’s post.

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