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Chamisa unpacks the nature of crisis in Zimbabwe

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-A) leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday said the nature of crisis in the country is a crisis of governance and a leadership deficit problem which is manifesting as economic and social crisis.

Speaking in Mkoba, Gweru at a “Thank you Rally” Chamisa said, in order to solve the economic crisis there should be democratic consolidation first.

“There cannot be any economic transformation without democratic consolidation, which means without democracy we can’t have good economy.

“Without good, sound and perfect politics we can’t have a ticking economy. With this rotten politics of beating citizens and sending soldiers in the streets there cannot be economic transformation,” he said.

He added that the economic fundamental problem is caused by political situation and it can be only restored by Tendai Biti who was a Former Finance minister.

He also said the country cannot be changed through stay away but by peaceful, constitutional and democratic rights which the constitution has stated.

Chamisa held a rally yesterday in a bid to thank the citizens for voting him on 31 July 2018 elections.



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