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Charter Seeds donates thousands of seeds

Charter Seeds the official distributer of Starke Ayres seeds yesterday donated more than a thousand of seed to the people in Masvingo after a two day event. The seeds were given to each and every one who attended the Field Day.

The field day was aimed at seeing if the farmers are benefiting from the knowledge that there are getting from Charter Seeds. The Field Day was held at the MUHIRA which is a co-operative of farmers who work together in farming projects.

In an interview with the Managing Director of Charter Seeds Mr Glenn Cambell he mentioned that the company was giving back to the community especially after the natural disasters that occurred in the country. He further alluded that, from Masvingo there would also go to areas like Chipinge that are victims of cyclone Idai.

“Charter Seeds does not only sell seeds but also help the farmer in achieving good crops that best for the market. We have agronomist that will guide the farmer in order to have a good harvest. These agronomists help the farmer with knowledge of what nutrients are needed in the soil for the plant to grow well.”

The event had more that 300 people who attended and gained knowledge from the Charter Seeds team that explained to them about different crops and how to maintain them.

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