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Temba Mliswa

Chinese ceramic tile company Norton put on hold

The Chinese owned Sunny Yi Feng ceramic tile company has been put on hold following complains by the Norton Constituency Temba Mliswa. This has come as a concern by most of the Norton residences that the location of the factory was a threat to the environment.

Mliswa confirmed the news on his twitter account this morning.

“Operations at the Chinese owned Sunny Yi Feng ceramic tile company have been put on hold pending regularisation of their Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) whilst we encourage and need investment in Zimbabwe, it shouldn’t be at the expense of the threat of damage to the environment.”

“The EIA process requires that contributions from all stakeholders are submitted so that EMA can evaluate the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project/development, taking into account inter-related socio-economic, cultural and human-health impacts, both beneficial and adverse.”

“As legislators it is imperative that we have oversight that proper process and procedure is carried out at all times and in all instances. If effectively implemented it ensures the protection of communities and nips any corrupt tendencies in the bud.”

It’s sad that in recent years Norton’s been victim of massive environmental degradation as a result of several Chinese mining companies who’ve failed to observe environmental appreciation often at risk to livestock and human life. I’ll be Norton’s gatekeeper and protect those I serve.”

The factory started its construction a few weeks ago and it has the capacity of employing over 2000 employees but however it is a great threat to the ecological environment as it is located near the lake Chivero.


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