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Chin’ono attacks Kirsty Coventry

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has blasted Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Kirsty Coventry following continuous abductions of youths and artists.

Chin’ono has accused Coventry for not speaking against abductions as a minister of youth and arts.

In a tweet Chin’ono said, “There are people who used to make excuses for @KirstyCoventry bcoz they are struck. She has never spoken against abductions of youths and artists yet she is the Minister responsible for those portifolios. She is now as equally culpable as all the ZANUPF politicians who do this!” said Chin’ono.

In response Coventry said she has never supported any type of violence, whether it’s a youth or an artist.

“How do you know l haven’t spoken about it? There are various ways of doing things other than simply shouting on social media. I have never supported violence of any kind to anyone, it doesn’t have to be an artist or a youth. Violence is violence nomatter who is against!” said Coventry.

A number of youths and artists including Platinum Prince, a Zimdancehall artist, Dr Peter Magombeyi and a Busstop TV top comedian Gonyeti were abducted by the alleged state security.



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