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Chivayo in support of Queen B

Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo has brought to light that he is in total support of the Queen B who is believed to be most powerful oligarchy/cartel in the country. Chivayo did affirm his support of Queen B on his twitter handle this morning.

“If this so called QUEEN B kartel has secured 100 MILLION litres of fuel for the government payable after 12 MONTHS then i personally support QUEEN B……As Zimbabweans we need DEAL MAKERS not the keypad warriors who despise and criticize everything….Pamberi neku BATANA”

This came after one of the fuel companies Sakunda that is alleged to be in connection with the Queen B cartel has donated 100ml fuel to the government of Zimbabwe.  Sakunda Holdings and its partners, last week provided Government with 100 million litres of fuel, which will only be paid for after 12 months.

Fuel has been trouble during the past weeks and very troublesome to get as one would require patience of waiting in the long lines and this has also led to the rise of transport. Most of the people in the transport sector have hiked their prices giving blame to the fuel shortages that are currently been experienced in the country.

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