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Chiwenga responds to coup rumors

Self styled preacher Apostle Talent Chiwenga has responded to the comments during a press conference made yesterday by the Minster of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe. The response was given yesterday few hours after the Minister’s press conference.

Chiwenga has responded saying that he is not a self style rabit preacher because he criticizes all the bad things. He said the government is used to preachers that do not tell them the truth like Makandiwa, Ezekiel Guti , Magaya and Mutendi.

“The long arm of the law that you say is going to catch up with me and others, when is the long arm of the law going to catch up with those who killed the seven people who were killed on the first of august 2018?”

“When are we going to see the long arm of the law going to catch up with the actual criminals to court? This long arm of the law is ready to catch up with me but not with actual criminals.”

This follows after the preacher was named amongst those who are peddling rumours about the a coup or a change of government.

 The Honourable Minister had this to say in the press conference held yesterday.

 “The Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe has noted, with grave concern, a recent upsurge in rumors suggesting an imminent military coup d`etat in the country,”

“Government would like to sternly warn purveyors of this medley of falsehoods, who include characters such as Saviour Kasukuwere, Job Sikhala and a coterie of their accomplices who we are aware of, not to cry foul when the long arm of Zimbabwean law catches up with them in due course,” 

“This narrative, which also sets an agenda for and promotes negative political activism, including coordinated fake abductions and media campaigns, has of late roped in several self-proclaimed local and international prophets.

“These include one US-based Nathan Humbryd of the so-called Miracle Ministries,  Talent Chiwenga, a self-styled rabid anti-Government Harare First Street preacher, Simon Chiloh of the so-called Deeds of Christ Ministries and a few others,” 

This follows after there were rumors of a coup in the country.

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