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Churches call ED to solve political, economic and social crisis in Zim

Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has called upon President Emmerson Mnangagwa to restore the political, economic and social crisis that the country is facing.

In a statement ZCC has urged Mnangagwa to publicly condemn the continuous abductions and torture of civilians and to investigate thoroughly the abductions cases.

ZCC said they are deeply worried because all abductions reported cases have not yet been investigated.

ZCC has also calling upon the President, other political parties and civil society groups to engage into a national dialogue so as to resolve political, social and economic crisis in the country.

“The church leaders call upon business ,labour, civil society group, political parties and all key stakeholders to commit to a broad-based and comprehensive national dialogue towards:

i.  A social contract and consensus among all Zimbabweans,                           

ii. A shared agenda of the necessary national reforms and,

iii. A shared national economic vision based on shared burdens and commitments,”

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