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CID cop inadvertently shoots colleague

A Detective Constable officer from Zimbabwe Republic Police, Masvingo accidentally shot his colleague just below the abdomen while trying to raid a civilian who was in possession of a firearm on the early hours of Tuesday at Rujeko C shopping Centre in Masvingo.

A reliable source, said five police details who were off duty on this day where at Rujeko A Business Centre in Masvingo when one of them noticed a civilian carrying a pistol which was protruding in his pocket, walking towards Rujeko C shops.

The civilian dressed police details followed Chengetai Dominic Musiyarira. When they caught up with Musiyarira, they made a request to search him. The firearm owner complied and handed over his pistol to Detective Constable Masendu of Masvingo Minerals, Flora and Fauna Unit.

During the process of vetting the suspected pistol, Masendu accidentally shot his colleague, Constable Nyambuwa of ZRP Rujeko just below the abdomen.

Nyambuwa was rushed to Makurira Memorial Clinic from where he was referred to Masvingo Provincial Hospital and a successful operation was done to extract the bullet. He is currently admitted in the intensive care unit at Masvingo Provincial Hospital.

The source, however, said the pistol 7.65mm in question have a valid licence and is valid up until July 2022.

In a similar case a Kadoma businessman accidentally shot himself on his leg while having lunch at a food court in Chinhoyi and police have urged people who use firearms to adhere to rules and regulations of the firearms or risk losing them.

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