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City of Harare ad draws public fury, as residents stomach raw sewage

While President ED Mnangagwa frantically engages with the international community, kudos a successful Devos Switzerland expose, back at home the capital is under siege of town managers who are taking residents and visitors like domesticated rodents.

Just as the water scandal is cooling off, an advert by the City of Harare lobbying residents to pay up their bills has drawn criticism from the public, particularly the women opinion-makers taking it up on their social media platforms. Notable protest on twitter from Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda, an international empowerment and women’s rights activist and Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, which prompted Mayor Manyenyeni to issue an apology and pulling the advert down.

Barely a fortnight ago, City of Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni put his hands up and admitted the water situation in the capital equates to a National Disaster, opening up to an 80%+ budget towards salaries and allowances, leaving crumbs and scrapes for the core city management allocation. He was responding to a public citizens consultation forum coordinated by civic groups.

Days after the blockbuster shocker, the city’s spokesperson Michael Chideme came out guns blazing totting across radios and media houses claiming there was no water crisis in the country. Quoted on the 3-6 Express hosted by Pathisani Shumba and KVG on StarFM, Chideme said;

“City of Harare water is clean and yes I drink it. There is absolutely no problem with the water when we pump it, the dirt people see is only caused by bursting pipes inbetween properties and that can not be creditted to us supplying dirty water as claimed.”

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