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City parking lots hazardous for cars

The Harare parking slots have become a danger to the entire motoring public in the city.  This has become a serious issue of major concern following continuous incidents of cars getting stuck on these slots.

A Harare man has complained over the poor maintenance of the parking slots after his car got stuck in the mud around the CBD area.

His major complaint was that if people are paying the parking fees where there is no maintenance of the places that there are paying for, he further went on to allude to the fact that some of the inconveniences are not healthy for a mutually beneficial relationship between the service provider and client.

The car was stuck along the Nelson Mandela road just outside a town hotel.  The owner tried several methods to remove the car to no avail until a toll car had to be called for assistance.

Many of the people at the scene complained on the same and highlighted that people who are hired to do maintenance works along these roads do not leave them in a good state upon completion of the major works.

This has left many drivers with a lot of questions than answers since despite parking fee being mandatory to pay for these poorly serviced car parking slots, they are not deriving any benefit out of this arrangement.

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