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Civil servants down tools

Apex Council on behalf of civil servants have withdrew their services as the government has not addressed their concerns. Apex said civil servants were incapacitated as their salaries could not tally with the expensive cost of living.

Civil servants have downed their tools as the economy deteriorates. Civil servants claimed the government has not yet met their demands and demanded to be paid in the United States Dollar.

Speaking on behalf of the entire civil Service Apex Council hereby officially notify the government of Zimbabwe of that civil servants are severely incapacitated and that unless the situation is adequately addressed will not be able to render their services as normally and regularly as usual,”

“Fazed that the Government is ignoring an existential crisis now facing its workers as they can no longer to look after themselves and their families due to the unaffordability of goods and services,”

Of late health professionals have downed their tools as the government has not increased their salaries which do not tally with the cost of living.

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