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Co-operative Lodges Complaint After ‘Clashing’ With Council Employees

A local cooperative has approached the Ministry of Local Government lodging a complaint over the conduct of two City Council employees.
The letter that was written by the cooperative, Stars Housing Consortium to the Ministry of Local Government reads:

Stars Housing Consortium is a registered housing scheme which consists of 13 housing Cooperatives. It is made up of home seekers from Budiriro. Remainder of Glen Eagles farm was reserved for Residential purpose. We as Stars under Chairman Zivanai Machingauta applied for the piece of land. Everything went well and site plans were approved with provisional allocated stand numbers under TPX / WR /02/13 on the remainder of Glen Eagles farm in Budiriro to Stars Housing Pay Scheme.
But sometime this year a group of fraudsters from City of Harare led by ENERST MACHINGAUTA and MRS KASHANGURA appeared with their site plans also of the same TPX as ours Claiming that the same piece of land belongs to them also.
Attached below is a proof from that same City of Harare on the 14th of February 2017 have allocated plan number TPX /WR /02/13 to STARS housing pay scheme in terms of section 49 (4) of the ACT Chapter 29:12. The Herald put an advert that if any person wishing to lodge an objection within 30 days from date of the first in section but no one showed up.

The matter is still pending.

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