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Commuter omnibuses ban received with mixed feelings

The ban of commuter omnibuses into the town by the Harare City Council has been received with mixed feelings by the public.

In an interview with ZimOnline news one of the commuter omnibus drivers in the town said “This is not a fair practice to our clients and also to us. It is very painful to leave old people at the Rainbow towers so that they may find their way in to town.”

The police have also been throwing tear gas in town during the day this has   not affected only the drivers but also pedestrians walking in the streets, worse more disturbing people who work nearby where these tear gases had been thrown.

In an effort to get a report from the city council of Harare the spokesperson for council Mr Chideme was not reachable.

Most of the people are not happy with such changes and are saying there should have given grace period to omnibus operates and to their customers as well.

In an interview with some of taxi drivers said there are happy with arrangements of not allowing the commuter omnibuses into the CBD as this is going to see them generating more income from the distressed passengers.

The Zupco buses have been stoned by rank marshals as a way to express their bitterness.




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