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Cop-on-Cop; Dogs are released

Two police officers reportedly unleashed dogs on their superior after they were ordered to stand down on an operation. Stanform Chinsela, 29, and Obey Navaya, 22, reportedly thought something fishy was brewing after receiving the instruction.

The two were brought to court on summons and appeared before Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Dzumbira charged with disorderly conduct and the matter was rolled over to 9 February for trial.

Circumstances are that on July 29 last year, the two officers were part of the team that was drawn from Marondera Police District to reinforce manpower at Cynthian Mine, Chief Chinamhora area in Goromonzi.
On August 1, the situation at the mine was now calm and all police officers from Marondera, Juru and Chinamhora police station were to stand down, leaving a few to monitor the situation.

The Court heard that this did not go down well with the two police officers as they felt something fish was brewing.
Chinsela allegedly started shouting, threatening to unleash the dogs on Assistant Inspector Trymore Hofisi who is their superior and is the one who gave then the instruction to stand down. Navaya also joined and they both proceeded to where one Lovemore Peter and other two mine employees were receiving ore from the mine shaft, threatening to release the dogs if they remain where they were.

All the three employees and police officers fled in different directions as the two accused person charged.
As the situation got tense, Chinsela tried to set dogs on Cnst Hove but however his dogs turned against him.
The accused were left wounded as a result of dog bites.

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