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Harare Showgrounds drama as cops-hikers-transporters clash

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) were targeting hitchhikers at Harare who are in the habit of using illegitimate loading areas at Showgrounds on the Harare to Bulawayo route to clear the area of any pick-ups.

Many citizens were hoping that the chasing away of hitch-hikers can bring relief to them as they claim that they are tired of thieves and hijackers on the Bulawayo to Harare road.

The ZRP traffic controllers also announced that the arrest of people who use ‘mushikashika’ and hitch-hikers would start as soon as possible. The police added that the arrest of passengers who use illegal pick-up points should be practised so as to eradicate the problem of ‘mushikashika’.

In addition, the police also added that involvement of all stakeholders in the transport sector to help stop people who use illegal pick-up points and the ‘mshikashika’ should be put in action.

On the other hand, the police said it is also difficult to enforce the law of arresting people who use illegal bus-stops and ‘mushikashika’ drivers because people are looking for cheaper transport hence you can not then expect them to pay a fine.

The Harare Showgrounds has been a stand point for travellers to Bulawayo.



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