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Covid-19 complacency, Snr doctors concerned

Zimbabwe senior doctors have raised concern over covid-19 complacency due to people’s attitude and behaviour towards the restriction measures which were put in place by the government.

Bulawayo provincial medical director, Dr Welcome Mlilo said lockdown might be extended if people continue with their reckless behaviour of failing to comply with the restriction measures which were put in place.

Dr Welcome Mlilo encourages people to change their behaviour stating that the goal of the national lockdown is simply to prevent the spread of the virus and when it is achieved, the restrictions will be reduced.

“Every Zimbabwean at an individual level has a role to play in the national covid-19 response, to take deliberate well-known actions that interrupt the transmission of the virus.” said Dr Mlilo

Meanwhile, the current high numbers of covid cases which are being recorded per day in the country are believed to be a result of reckless behaviour.

“If the people’s attitude and behaviour pour fuel in this raging fire of the Covid-19, l foresee the restrictive measures being extended even further than this where only a very few will be allowed to move out.” said acting Mpilo Central Hospital chief executive officer Professor Solwayo Ngwenya

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