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Covid-19 vaccine does not cause Infertility- Experts

Health experts are dismissing rumors that Covid-19 vaccine causes infertility arguing that there is no evidence yet that the vaccinations cause any health issues for pregnant women.

Covid 19 vaccine

Dr Jennifer Conti who is a medical adviser for Modern Fertility said there’s zero evidence that COVID-19 vaccines interfere with fertility, therefore, she is urging everyone to be vaccinated to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

“The rumors are based on the fear that messenger in the vaccine could cause infertility by accidentally attacking a protein in the placenta called syncytin-1, which has a similar structure to the Coronavirus spike protein. However, these are totally different structures and there is no reason to think this would happen.” Conti said

She added that this misinformation is dangerous because the confusion it is based on sounds plausible, but in fact is not correct hence people should be vaccinated without fear.

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