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Covid Guidelines for Schools

The government through the Ministry of health has set a number of guide lines to be followed when schools re-open. Schools are to follow the guidelines so that the spread of the Corona Virus may be reduced.

When schools re-open here are the guideline on how learners and teachers and schools at large will operate:

  1. All schools’ out and indoor sporting activities are prohibited, learners are not supposed to have physical contact in school playgrounds, or engage in choral practices and or any other activity that involves physical contact.
  2. Breaks will be staggered or held in class
  3. Classrooms will accommodate not more than 35 learners seated one metre apart
  4. Learners are prohibited from sharing textbooks and other learning materials
  5. Schools encouraged to start hot sitting sessions to accommodate all students
  6. Schools to avoid mixing learners for lessons and after school activities.
  7. Learners in a class should stay in one classroom throughout the day while teachers move from classroom to classroom in secondary school.
  1. Social and physical distancing should be practiced in hostels, the use of bunk beds in hostels is prohibited.
  2. Each school is required to have sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and a health co-ordinator trained by the Ministry of Health and Child Care before schools open.
  3. Each classroom should be equipped with a hand washing facility, running water and soaps
  4. Ablution facilities should be cleaned and disinfected thrice a day.
  5. Transport services will be required to carry one student per seat with a distance of one metre effected.

These guidelines will help to lower the risk of passing the virus at schools as there are scheduled to open next month.

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