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Creating opportunities for excluded children

Education Coalition of Zimbabwe has held its annual inclusive Education Indaba today at the Rainbow Towers. The Education Indaba was running under the theme “Let us create opportunities for excluded children.”

Speaking at the event, Dr Joshua Malinga who is a Senator, Special Advisor in the office of the President on Disability issues, Former Bulawayo Mayor, Former President of the Disabled People’s International (DPI) has mentioned that all children must be given the same opportunity to go to school.

“Charity must start at home and people who have disabled children must give them a chance to be educated. Schools for the disabled must not be taken as rehabilitation places but as normal schools.”

“Attitude is the biggest problem. People need to change their attitude towards the people with disabilities.”

Some of the panellists that were there included the ZIMSEC Disability manager Mr Mwale who also highlighted on what ZIMSEC is doing so that it makes it easier for those candidates that are living with disabilities. Most of the disabilities have been catered for. Those who are blind have brails for their exams and those with poor eyesight have papers which suit them.

Another issue raised was about the deaf and the way their exams are conducted. Some of the attendees who were present representing the deaf complained that sign language on its own is a language which is different from English.

The background of the education indaba is based on the broad aims of ECOZI to promote access, equity, inclusive and quality education.

The Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI), established in June 2009, is a network of International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), Teacher Unions, Faith Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations and Civil Society Organizations’ (CSO) in Zimbabwe with an interest and working within the education sector. ECOZI is an apolitical and non-partisan coalition that unites civil society in the common pursuit of the right to quality, compulsory and free basic education for all, with emphasis on public funded education.


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