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Croco playboy son Wayne Chingwena in child paternity storm

Tonderai Wayne Chingwena, son of wealthy co-owner of Croco Holdings is on the high trend in a case of partenity dispute with Tsitsi Symone Phiri, a local Harare model who also uses Symone Jonasi as alias.

The later staunchly claimed Wayne is the biological father to the two year old Sage-Syre LA Phiri and dramatically been demanding Chingwena take responsibility and maintains the child.

Phiri, in the company of a firespitter friend, hooked on a plan to cause dramatic disturbance at Croco Motor in a bid to cow Chingwena to the DNA results commitment.

Congregated at Lancet Clinical Laboritories in the city, Symone Phiri seen the video wielding what appeared to be a British passport, would be shocked when the lady official read out the results absolving Wayne of partenal involvement to the child much to her being humbled in shock.

The development caught of Live social media broadcast has attracted sharp and boiling views from social media with many people question the credibility of the DNA process which was merely defended as;

“There is no way the results could be tampered with as they are done in South Africa, Lancent Clinical Lab sends samples to South Africa and we only print the results we are given back”, The lab officially stated to our reporter.

Another section of commentators expressed opinion Symone is a gold-digging slay queen who wanted to capitalise of Chingwena’s wealthy family legancy to financially benefit using a child not even his.

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