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Dereck Mpofu to release a new album

A Zimbabwean musician who rose to fame through his song ‘Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe’ Dereck Mpofu is yet to release another album called Godobori featuring local and international personalities.

In a statement Mpofu said the album has got 13 tracks which includes ‘Ngithande’ featuring a Zimbabwe comedian Mai Titi , ‘Imali’ featuring Wiyaala from Ghana, and from  ‘Magetsi’ featuring Mr Lorraine from the United Kingdom.

A musician also said all songs were produced by Mono Mukundu and himself except “Kumachonyonyo” which was done by Pandaliser.

“This is my new baby. I am excited because from sampling with close people the response has been overwhelming. I am excited all collaborations especially with the Ghanaian Wiyaala who brought in a whole new dimension to the track ‘Imali’. Mai Titi as well shone on a totally Ndebele track and owned the language. Rachel J took off her afro dance genre and totally brought the soul into the relatable song ‘Njiva’,” he said.

It is my fourth album and it will be launched at Harare Gardens in the Theatre Park on the twenty second of March 2019 Mpofu said.

It is also interesting to note that Pah Chihera,Vimbai Zimuto,Simjoe, and Mzimba are going to perfom.



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