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Dire water crisis in Hopely Park.

Water is vital for all forms of life. It may not provide nutrients or calories,but it is the centre piece of all life, but for Hopely Park residents getting just a bucket of water would be considered an achievement.

Residents of Hopely Park suburb, south of Harare travel more than 5 km to fetch the precious liquid from the periphery of the cemetery acre. As they have never enjoyed the freedom of having running tap water since 2005. For those who have drilled wells on their homes they charge RTGS3.00 per 20 liter bucket, which many people around that area do not afford to pay.

Most women with babies strapped at their backs are seen along the sewage and filth-filled Mukuvisi river washing their nappies and others blankets,sometimes they even strip naked and bath by the river banks so they maximise on the available precious fluid resource.

One woman identifying herself as Sheila lamented of an unfriendly neighbour who defile the already unprotected water source;

“Mukadzi anogara pamhiri perwizi apo anodira oil murwizi”

Which is the water they use for laundry and who knows what happens when they get thirsty while they are doing their laundry.

Speaking to the chairman of the Hopely Park Residents Associated, who helped us understand the water situation better, as he explained that a household only gets two buckets which under normal circumstances does not last for a day. So that is why people end up going to places like Mukuvisi and the graveyard to get the precious liquid. Because the available water sources do no sufficiently feed the everyday growing Hopely residence.

He went on to say that each family pays 2 RTGS,for chemical which they use to purify their drinking water.

The Hopely residents have called upon the responsible authority to hear their plea and at-least provide for their needs

Mukuvisi river is one place where they get there water, some get their water from wells drilled beside the Hopley graveyard. One resident jokingly said

“Aaah tiri kutomwa soup inobva pamakuva apa,ndosaka mvura yacho isingapere”

The dire situation has seen some girls being sexually harassed. Therefore it needs urgent attention

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