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Disabled Women calls for their rights to be heard

The National Council for Disabled Persons in Zimbabwe (NCPZ) has appealed to the government to render the disabled Women’s rights such as education, health, accommodation and also to own their land.

Speaking at the Media Centre today, Senator of Persons with Disabilities Rejoice Timire said they are the poor of the poorest as they are being left behind in information which is a challenge especially when people are talking about anything in Zimbabwe, for instance they did not access information about Cyclone Idai.

“We are the poor of the poorest because the majority of us are not educated and employed .As women with disabilities we also have right to access education, to access accommodation, to access health, to be employed and we have got a right to also own our land. I also want to be a farmer, l also want to walk with the vision Middle Class 2030, so the government should take note of that,” Timire said.

“Access of information it’s a challenge, now we have Cyclone Idai, how many people are really communicating to deaf people? I don’t see any interpreter there, so how would deaf people get the information? It’s really a challenge,” She said.

She also implored the government to introduce sign language in Schools to better their education “Something should be done to make sure that basic sign language should be trained to everyone in those Service providers. I think even in colleges there should be basic sign language for people to understand,” said Timire.

Timire further said Women with disabilities are also facing challenges in hospitals since they are not being treated fairly and they are made to pay more consultation fee to access health.

National Council for Disabled Persons in Zimbabwe (NCDPZ) Lillian Gwanyanya also said the Constitution is not practically used as stated in Section 83 of the Constitution. The Constitution does not give room when issues of gender are looked upon to, they are not being included.

She also said as far as people with disabilities are concerned, disabled women have double burden as compared to disabled men.


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