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Doctors call on parliament to summon Obadiah Moyo

Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) has urged government to summon the Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Obadiah Moyo and ensure that he is playing his leadership role in health sector.

Doctors believe that the Minister is trying to cover up the situation that is taking place in government hospitals.

In a statement, doctors said, “There are credible reports of avoidable mortality and morbidity in government hospitals and ZADHR believes that the Minister of Health and Child Care, Obadiah Moyo has been deliberately portraying a different picture on the true extent of these casualties,”

Doctors and the government are not in good books as doctors claim that they are being mistreated. Doctors are demanding salary increment following Zimbabwe’s economic situation where prices of basic commodities and fuel are shooting on weekly bases.

Moyo yesterday took his fellow doctors to Labour court after they defied government’s ultimatum to return to work on Monday October 7.

In a video, Moyo said, “….I today made an assessment of the situation at our Public Health Institution and noted that some of the doctors did not take heed of the appeal that we made for them to come back to work this morning at 8:00 and they still chose to stay away from their work stations. Government is therefore allowing due legal process to continue with the labour court scheduled for tomorrow, where in the Labour court will determine the legality of the mass job action….,”Minister said.  

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