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DSTV not shutting down South African Accounts in Zimbabwe

 DStv has officially dismisses rumors that were circulating on social media about shutting down   South African DSTV Accounts being used in Zimbabwe.

In a statement DSTV said DSTV, MultiChoice and DSTV-SA did not say anything of that nature.

“It has come to our attention that a hoax letter has surfaced in Zimbabwe alleging that MultiChoice South Africa has notified third party installers of a geolocation system being used  to shut down illegal viewing.We wish to inform all our stakeholders that this letter was not issued by MultiChoice,” it said.

“First of all ,we would like to APOLOGISE for publishing  an article earlier on which said that DStv was banning South African-registered Accounts (SRA) of customers who are in Zimbabwe.DSTV never said what was written in that document.Infact,DSTV (be it MultiChoice or DSTV South Africa) hasn’t said anything at all of that nature,” it said.

DSTV said the document which circulated on social media is reported to have been forged by some of the DSTV installers or installer.

“The story is mixed with fraud,conspiracy,and incompetence on the part of some local DSTV installers (agents) and DStv South Africa.As a matter of fact,that document is ‘alleged’ to have been  forged by some DSTV installer (or many DSTV installers).”

It is also urging their valued customers to subscribe in the correct country as rights for programming.



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