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EcoCash warns people to stop using ‘Ecoledger’ app

EcoCash has yesterday warned people not to use Ecoledger which is a Zimbabwean application found on Google Playstore at the moment.

EcoCash has actually sent warning messages to some its valued customers.


Dear Valued Customer

Please be advised that EcoCash does not have any business relationship with Ecoledger or any other associated applications that are offering to provide you with your EcoCash statement or any other service,”

“EcoCash will not be held liable for any losses or prejudice you may suffer in dealing with Ecoledger or any associated APPs,”

Ecoledger is now the most downloaded apps relative to the EcoCash application. It allows people to track their EcoCash transactions, records the financial history and it classifies the different uses of the money in their wallets for a specific period. Again people can generate and download a statement with a history of their transactions.

These functionalities make it quite appealing to at least 100 000 people which is why it is one of the fastest adopted finance apps in Zimbabwe.



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