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Econet “complecancy” aiding FRAUD

With the increasing economic hardships, many people are now resorting to short-cuts, scams and fraud. The country’s biggest mobile money platform, Ecocash has become a fertile and safe haven for fraudsters and scammers preying on innocent and oblivious public desperate to make ends meet.

Despite a comprehensive contract with subscribers, an oath undertaking to the Central Bank and Consumer Act to practice ethical business pricnciples protecting all transactions from fraud and money laundering, Ecocash which is a division of Econet Wireless is playing an active complecant role of exposing subscribers to identity theft, fraud and laundering in most cases despite being furnished with all information on fraudulant incidences, refuse to act and prejudice many subscribers not only monetarily but credit rating as well reputation too.

One Mr Oscar Chitumwa had been a victim of identity theft where an Econet Account +263783747715 was openned under his name. The number has openned multiple Whatsapp Groups purporting to be selling eggs, chick, chicken and other financial investments. As soon as a potential client (victim) transfer funds, they are instantly blocked. and booted from the groups.

Our offices is inundiated with complainants like Mr Chitumwa who would have reported the matter both to the police as well the giant Mobile Network Operator but to no assistance.

Much more terrible are brazen South African subscribers using whatsapp platforms as well to con the public into too good to be true investments and block them as soon as they transfer money to appointed ecocash numbers. Again, the Mobile Money Operator smoothly convenience the transactions despite thousand falling victim to this.

Like all operators, Econet has the ability to trace, block and assist the authorities to apprehend fraudsters in the act but are actively electing to be complecant about it, leaving the millions of subscribers vulnerably exposed to the cyber-crime.

Efforts to get comment or engage wth the Ecocash boss Ms Natalie Paidamoyo Jabangwe-Morris have been fruitless for the past twelve months as she is either busy, unavailable or out of the country. Subsequent attempts to get hold of the Risk & Compliance Manager Fidelis Taziwa also went unresponded.

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