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ED elected by con court and not by public: Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa the Movement for Democratic Change leader (MDC-A),  has said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was elected by the constitutional court and not by the people. He said this after the demonstration march that was held in Harare today.

Chamisa went on blasting the current government commenting on its failures by comparing it to the the Mugabe Era.

“Last November when we were in the streets we thought that things would get better but here we are the country has no fuel. With Mnangagwa we are not going anywhere as a matter of fact we are going around.

Ed was elected by the constitutional court and ZEC and not by the people. The vote will never rot that why we are escalating this to SADC,AU and we have also sent this petition even to the chief justice and have addressed ED as the ZANU PF leader and not the president.”

Chamisa presented a petition on the roadmap to legitimacy and democracy in Zimbabwe and he promised people a number of positive things that will happen if given a chance to be the president of this country. The petition included issues of inflation, massive shortages of basic goods, absence of production and output, the 2% tax issue among others.

Chamisa said that his party is not known for violence and promises more demonstrations if Mnangagwa does nothing about the current situation in the country.





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