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ED unifies political leaders

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged all Zimbabweans to be involved in the national dialogue for the benefit of everyone.

  At Harare International Conference Centre Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe should implement the talk’s dialogue so that everyone would come up with ideas to build Zimbabwe with a brighter future.

The culture of dialogue, which we have begun today, must be synonymous with us a people and nation. Whatever our differences, we are all Zimbabweans .We will sink or swim together. Let us build our future in peace, love and unity,”  said Mnangagwa.

ED said that its high time politicians let go of the elections and come up together with ideas to build a nation which is economically stable.

Mnangagwa also urged leaders to be exemplary to their followers and assist each other in fighting against sanctions which are imposed on Zimbabwe.

“As leaders, we must also pledge to be exemplary ,leaders of our nation at every level must say no to sanctions and say no to all conduct… bringing harm to our people, ”said Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa also urged the media to be a unifier than being purveyors of violence.

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