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ED’s advisor remarks to stop abduction draws mixed feelings

President Mnangagwa’s advisor and businessman Shingi Munyeza has called for an end to the abduction and torture of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-A) officials and human rights defenders.

MDC officials including Blessing Kanotunga and human rights defenders Tatenda Mombeyarara have been abducted during the days of their planned demonstration.

Posting on his twitter handle Munyeza said he was disgusted by an unprecedented trend of abductions.


1 I’m totally disgusted and alarmed by an unprecedented trend of abductions in our country

2 Its worrying that the state has not come up with a position on stopping this

3 The state must protect its citizens and culprits brought to book,” said Munyeza.

Munyeza’s tweet has brought different reactions from Zimbabweans.

“Who are you @ShingiMunyeza? Uri ani chaizvo chaizvo tht makes you even think that you can issue such statements? You are nothing! You save at the pleasure of @edmnangagwa,a person who amuses the first secretary of @ZANUPF-official !Dont mistake your position for anything,” Cde KakaN Dande.

“It should be commended that a member of @edmnangagwa President Advisory Council has out to condemn abductions and not to take the #Varakashi route of saying fake.Please tell @edmnangagwa and his Gvt to act to stop this madness,” Dehwa Mavhenga.

“Why saying it on twitter you meet @edmnangagwa all the time why can’t you tell him that enough of his,” ED=Satan.#GetwellsoonGonyeti.

“state must protect citizens” “are you for real …state protecting citizens when they are the perpetrators,instead of sympathizing with the victims you are already cause to draw a non-existent line to divorce the state from that which they are clearly guilty of perpetrating,” Nyanyadzi.

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