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ED’s member of Presidential Advisory council withdraws before duty

The President of Zimbabwe His Excellency Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa selected a council called the Presidential Advisory Council which consisted of 24 people and to the shock of many there is already a withdrawal from one of the outlined participants.

Presidential Advisory Council (PAZ) members where elected by the President based on their experience, expertise, leadership, contact and standing in society. Beside all this the Secretary General for Zimbabwe Council of Churches Kenneth Mtata has withdrawn the privilege to be in that council.

In his letter was the following.

It has been brought to my attention that my name has been included on the list of individuals appointed to serve as members of the Presidential Advisory Council. The same has been announced on national television. I feel really flattered to be invited to serve the nation and President in such a role in a moment like this. My current position will however limit effective functioning in such a huge role. I therefore humbly withdraw my name. The President will be fully briefed of my commitment to the National Building Agenda and I will support his efforts in other ways within my capacity.”

The following is the list of people who have been named

The Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) has 13 sectors namely: Business, Economy & Financial Services, Health & Social Protection, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Governance & human rights, Education, ICT, Tourism, Communication &Media, Civil Society, Minorities and PAC Coordination

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