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EFF exposes Ramaphosa incompetency

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has hit on President Cyril Ramaphosa for causing more poverty and unemployment in the country. EFF said Ramaphosa had involved capitalist in the economy which means the rich will become more and the poor will become poorer.

In a press release the EFF said Ramaphosa regime was failing to promote the economy as high unemployment was escalating. EFF said most people were being impoverished since they could not attain jobs.

“Ramaphosa has been the head of state and president for more than 18 months now and its under his leadership that the economy is shrinking, jobs are lost and people getting more poorer,”

EFF also claimed the media was not portraying the real society were the economy is declining but were being used as propagandist so as to serve the interest of the Ramaphosa regime.

“This is despite the fact that both domestic and imperialist capitalist interests and their media are portraying Ramaphosa as the best thing to have happened in South Africa,”

The EFF said the more there was unemployment the more crime rate was going to escalate and also diseases.

“It is a proven fact that there is a direct relationship between unemployment, poverty and other social ill such as crime and diseases,”

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