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EFF reads riot act to ZANU-PF

Yesterday, Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema demanded the closure of the Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa until the Government restores and respects human rights.

In a statement on twitter, South Africa’s third largest political party, The EFF criticises The Zimbabwean government for violating human rights of the citizens and warned that it could prevent them from undertaking any official business in South Africa until they restore and respects human rights.

Malema posted on twitter following the global movement #Zimlivesmatter by Zimbabweans which has been receiving support from prominent figures from all over the world.

‘’WE call the removal of the Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa until they restore the human rights in that country and lives of people are not taken by a repressive government. Failure to do this will result in direct action by the EFF to prevent any officials from the Zimbabwean Government from participating in any meetings in South Africa whilst they wage war on ordinary people in Zimbabwe’’. Malema said.

Malema called on the African Union and SADC governments to intervene against the violation of humanity beings committed by the Ruling party.

‘’We call on the African Union and all governments in the SADC to make an intervention in the crimes against humanity being committed by the Mnangagwa regime against people of Zimbabwe.’’ he said.

Malema also said, the compensating of former white land-owners by the government is a reactionary move Zimbabwe cannot afford, instead these funds should rather be directed to uplifting the livelihoods of ordinary Zimbabweans.

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