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Elections date set

His Excellency President Emmerson Mngangagwa has announced that this year’s harmonized elections will be on the 30th of July.

The president made the announcement at a workshop held at the ZANU PF headquarters today.

The Healing Process Workshop was for all the primary candidates who won and those who lost in the recently held ZANU PF primary elections.

He encouraged all candidates to embark on peace and harmonized campaigns as the date draw closer.

Speaking to ZANU PF candidates, the president said he was aware there were some people who cheated during the recently held primary elections and he sympathized with those who lost that there is always next.

“I urge all candidates not to propagate hate speech since it leads to violence.

“I am aware of people who have won the primary election with the aim of impeaching the president once they are in parliament.

“If we suspect that you are no longer ZANU PF, we have the power to remove you out of the parliament.

“There are 128 political parties that have been registered with the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC).

“This is good news for us and I am wishing that they are all registered as presidential candidates that we may thrush them all.

“The party is going to start embarking on serious campaigns in preparations for the elections.

“I was happy when I was told of this workshop that was planned by the top party leaders so as to unite the party.”

“We cannot change the past but we can change the future.”

“The next primary elections will be fair as all the problems that were highlighted in this previous election will be dealt with from provincial level and all the databases will also be kept at the national headquarters.”

The workshop started yesterday with more than a thousand people gathering from all over the country so as to unite the party that had shaken due to the primary elections.

Some of the grievances that have been noted from the previous election included that the ballot papers arrived late and that some candidates ‘bought’ votes so that they win.

However despite all these challenges ZANU PF has reached a conclusion that they won’t be any rerun of primary elections.


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