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Enzo Ishall plans to go to University.

Dancehall singer Enzo Ishall is planning to go to University. In his dream, he wants to start his own business as soon as possible, ZimTainment has learnt.

In an interview with Power  FM’s Chamvary, Enzo Ishall revealed that he came out with 7 A Level points and was studying History, Divinity and Geography.

Enzo in his recent purchase of a Mercedes Benz, he was asked if he had future plans for his future if his music career goes the other way.

“I have plans, and mamwe maplans acho ndirikuda kutanga kuenda kuUniversity, ndirikutobva kuchikoro kwandaidzidza ndanga ndisina kutora maresults coz ndanga ndiine chikwereti,” said Enzo.

Zimdancehall artistes have been labelled as being uneducated but with the Kanjiva hit-maker, that’s not the case as he still looks forward in furthering his studies.

The ZimTainment is wishing Enzo Ishall the best in hope and pray that his dream’s come true.

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