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Enzo new look controversial….

Enzo Ishall fans have expressed mixed sentiments on his newly released video “High Score” that was sponsored by Prophet Passion who recently signed him from Chillspot Records.

The new song takes a new angle from the usual Zimdancehall chants that Enzo is well known for. This is what some of his fans on twitter had to say about the new video that stares Prophet Passion in it;

the higher number in dislikes show how people are not enjoying Enzo’s song

However some people think this different toll taken by Enzo shows his flexibility as an artist and it will put him on the international stage.

Enzo Ishall rose to fame when he released his single ‘Kanjiva’ which people see as more of his style as opposed to the new song and video. The same happened for Tocky Vibes, his change in style played a major role in making him unpopular. Is Prophet Passion ruining Enzo’s career?

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