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Ex-wife demands full salary for maintenance

A tailor Pretty Mapfumo wants her ex-husband to give her his full salary for maintenance and rentals.

Speaking at the Harare Civil Court today Mapfumo said she wants nine hundred dollars from Donel Madzimo for buying school uniforms for three children, paying school fees and rent because she wants to relocate from where she is staying at the moment.

She said Madzimo can provide that amount of money without failure because he is a business man and besides that he owns a company.

“He can afford to do that because he gets more money than that, he is employed and on top of that he has a business account,” said Mapfumo.

In response, Madzimo said he only afford two hundred and fifty dollars that he has been paying before because he is already paying school fees for the two children.

“I cannot afford nine hundred dollars because I pay six hundred and fifty dollars for a secondary school kid who is on board, ninety dollars for a pre-school kid and also ten dollars for transport per week,” said Madzimo.

He added ,

“The business that she is talking about has not yet started realising profits,” he said

Madzimo also said Mapfumo should contribute equally because he bought her industrial machine,the one that she is using and a car on top.

Presiding magistrate Sheila Nazombe ordered Madzimo to bring his Stewart bank statement covering three months on April 16.

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