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Five Harare armed robbers in the dock

Five men appeared in court on allegations of robbing over US$39 000 cash from a house in Glen Norah, Harare.

Armed with a pistol and threatening to shoot, Mikia Pirikisi, 31, Tariro Mutsamanyi, 40, Daniel Munyanyi, 47, Gilbert Tavagadza, 47 and Leonard Huni, 34, reportedly assaulted the complainant with a crow bar while demanding money.

The five were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba charged with armed robbery. They were advised to apply for bail at the High Court and remanded in custody to January 28 when the matter will be heard.

Prosecuting, Sebastian Mutizirwa alleges that on January 2, at around 8pm, the complainant locked the gate and doors before he retired to bed.

At around 1am on January 3, the accused persons reportedly removed three pre-cast wall panels and gained access into the yard. It was reported that while in the yard, they forced open the kitchen door using a crow bar and gained access into the house.

They reportedly went straight into the complainant’s bedroom where they produced a pistol before pointing it to the complainant and his wife threatening to shoot them if they do not disclose all the money they have in the house. One of the accused persons reportedly assaulted the complainant with a crow bar on his head demanding money.

Due to the pain of the assault and danger to the family, the complainant gave them $300 bond notes and US$5 000 which was in the wardrobe. The State further alleges that the accused persons ransacked the house and stole US$32 000 which was stashed in the wardrobe, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 cellphones.

Police investigations after complainant files a report led to the arrest of the five robbers who were later on positively identified by the complainant.

The Court also heard that US$800 which is part of the stolen cash was found stashed in Huni’s artificial leg while Munyanyi led to the recovery of another US$1 200.



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