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Foreigners to benefit under Road Accident Fund

South-Africa based company said it is ready to help foreigners who get injured in road accidents within the borders as well as relatives of those who die in accidents to benefit from Road Accident Fund (RAF) under Road Fund Act (RFA).

Director of a dynamic black commercial law firm Wakaba and Partners Attorneys Mr Maxhoba Wakaba said many foreigners are unaware that they can benefit under the RFA in terms of crisis therefore, we are there to assist them.

“We do all the work from consultations, claims for funeral expenses, lodgement of claims with RAF and litigation on a contingency fee basis, which means that our clients do not have to pay us any fees until the matter is finalised.” said Mr Wakaba

Mr Wakaba argued that their company is different from others because it has a mixture of highly qualified and experienced South African and Zimbabwean lawyers so as to understand all the needs of the people.

He also added that they assists foreigners regards property investment in South Africa through buying, selling, renting and management of properties to both those that are South Africa-based and those that are not.

“As a law firm, we also protect the rights of property owners from abuse by tenants and vice versa.” he said



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