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Terminus Msindo who set a legacy in music teaching is laid to rest

Former Msengezi High Shool Choir Director laid to rest

Msengezi High school Choir which pushed the exceptions on High School music production catapulting the school into a multi-album music machine as well discovering now big names as the legendary Producer MacDee Chidavaenzi, Melissa Penicella and the ZimOnline Radio Milicent Chanetsa is reeling in grief at the passing of Mr Terminus Msindo, the former choir Director. He was laid to rest earlier today at Warren Hills cemetery.

Mr. Msindo succumbed to meningitis on Thursday 30th April at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare. He is survives by a wife and two sons, Sabelo and Mukudzei. He was a devout christian fellowshiping at African Apostolic Church in Highfields Harare where he was choir master until his passing. A distinguished academic holding a Diploma in education from Belvedere Teacher’s College and a BA in Business Studies majoring in Accounting from Selous University, Terminus Msindo doubled Accounts and music in his teaching career.

A passionate prayer hymn Ngaisangane Africa which drew tears from all the walks of life across faith sectors goes without saying an outstanding composition of his hand with the Msengezi High School.

Social media and ZONnewsfeed poured with tributes from people who fondly remember and respect t Terminus Msindo as a man and, the music and his passion to teach the young generation.

“I have lost a father, my mentor and a man who made me understand and ledge on music in my life. He will forever be an icon to many. Mr Msindo would make you see and believe you are a star whether in Accounts curriculum he taught or in music which was his passion”, said Milicent Chanetsa, ZimOnline Radio boss.

“I dont like pouring out my emotions on public forums so i will take this moment to just let everyone know that its you (Mr. Msindo) and Maxwell Rafomoyo that directed my destiny to where I am now. I asked my parents to take me to Msengezi because of your fame and works in music. You gave Msengezi the glory as we won competitions after competitions. You took me to radio and television stations as well huge stages performing for great people until I found out who I was destined to be. I can teach choirs now I can produce all sorts of music, I have taken your legacy to help schools like Sandringham High etc. All i am saying is when i say you are a Hero i mean it in the literal sense. I may not be where people are gathered because this blessing u natured in me has called me on duty to Masvingo till next week but believe me when i say, I MOURN YOU WITH A HEAVY HEART. Thank you for everything and GO WELL MY HERO”, lamented music producer MacDonald Macdee Chidavaenzi on is social network feed.

“Mr Msindo inspired many and his inspiration will live on to coming generations”, said Decision N. Ncube – Msengezi High School Vice Headboy 1998

“Mr Msindo “Blaz Foroma”, One had to do it his way or the highway. I will miss him sore. He was  principled and he walked the narrow path, I will live under his guidance of his accounting lessons which were tied with life lessons, MHSRIP”, cried Ronald Hozheri – Msengezi High School Class of 1998

“Ngaisangane Africa pioneered school choir and I remember bunking accounting lessons for choir. Rest in Peace baba Msindo. We will miss you dearly”, another pupil from Class of 1998 Lorreta Phiri expressed her pain.

“Farewell Mdhara nyangwe henyu maimbotiza afternoon Accounts lessons madhakwa nesadza repalunch. Zororai murugare”, grief stricken Dennis Hozheri from Class of 2000 added with humour.

Abu Dabi based now professional music artist Cathrine Gundani added, “Just like Paul in the bible, Mr Msindo has run his race and finished it. In his life he touched so many lives and it shows through all the people that have gathered to mourn his passing. I do not cry that we have lost him, yest it hurts but greater is the glory in celebrating and thanking God for his life and that his spirit has a place among the saints in Heaven”.


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