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Four years after investigations, businessman not yet prosecuted

Businessman Tony Renato Sarpo reportedly sold a company house belonging to a Chiredzi based company, Hotham Serivices for US$68 000  five years ago before converting the money to his own use.
The case is filed under C.R. number 93/01/16 and the docket was trasfarred from Harare to Chiredzi Magistrates Court where the alleged offence occurred but the matter has not yet been heard despite completion of investigations in 2016.
According to a statement which was recorded by Detective Sergeant Mpofu from CID Bulawayo on 4 November 2016, one of the Directors of Hotham Services, Gareth David Fury, said the company owned a three bed roomed house among other assets.
“I am a 50 percent share holder in Hotham Services, Chiredzi, a company domicile in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe, which specialises in Engineering Serices. The company owned one three bed roomed house and a workshop as immovable assets in Chiredzi.
Fury said when he secured a job in Australia, Sarpo showed interest in buying 50 percent shares in Hotham Services and as a friend he trusted that the payment will be made later but Sarpo failed to pay the money leading to a cancellation of the agreement.
“Sometime in December 2012, I secured a job in Australia and decided to sell all my shares for US$75 000. I shared the information with the accused who showed interest in buying the shares. As a friend, I gave the lee way to look for the money and pay me later. We signed an agreement of sale to this effect. In August 2013, I went to Australia without receiving any payment from the accused person.
“The accused (Sarpo) did not pay any money towards the purchase of the shares thereby failing to honour the agreement. Resultantly, in December 2014, I came back from Australia and the agreement was cancelled. The company shares were reverted back to myself,” he said.
Fury also added that sometime in  August 2016, his business partner, Wayne Williams who owns the remaining 50 percent shares in the same company, was approached by someone who wanted title deeds for the three bed roomed house and that is how the offence was discovered.
“Sometime between mid 2015 and February 2016, without my knowledge and that of my business partner Wayne Williams, the accused took advantage of his knowledge regarding the company assets and sold the three bed roomed house to a buyer whose particulars I am not aware by now. He converted the proceeds to his own use.
“Sometime in August 2016, the buyer approached my business partner Mr Wayne Williams in search of deeds in respect of the purchased property leasing to the discovery of the offence,” he said.
Sarpo has been dragged to court on several occasions after numerous criminal cases have been reported against him.

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