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Fraudster Oscar Pambuka now a prophet

Former news reporter at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) Oscar Pambuka and fraudster who defrauded Zimbabwe Power Company $12,500 along side ZANU-PF Politician Psychology Maziwisa becomes a prophet.                

Posting on his facebook handle the Zimdancehall artist Pambuka said he has ordained himself as a Prophet and would like to be referred to with his new title.

Good morning to you all. From today onwards kindly refer to me as Prophet Pambuka,”

Pambuka ordained himself as a Prophet and named his church as the ‘Oscar Pambuka Ministries and also invited the public to bring those who are not feeling well and possessed to his church so as to get deliverance this coming Sunday in Houghton Park.

“It’s called Oscar Pambuka Ministries. Come and see the power of God at work. Bring all the sick and afflicted”, said Pambuka.

Oscar Pambuka is as well-known journalist and a publicist at the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries. Pambuka was once arrested and convicted for fraud with ZANU-PF politician Psychology Maziwisa.   

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